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'Juríčková J, 1993: The Gene Serum Group Frequencies in the Population of East Slovakia. Anthropologie (Brno) 31, 1-2: 5-6'.
The gene frequencies of serum groups - haptoglobin, Inv and Gc factor - were analyzed in the population of East Slovakia. The following gene frequencies were found: Hp1 = 0,3316, Hp2 = 0,6684, Inv1 = 0,0399, Inv2 = 0,9601, Gc1 = 0,766, Gc2 = 0,3234. The results obtained were compared with values from reports of Herzog (1992) in inhabitants of Prague and of Bambúchová (1985) in Bratislava population.
Serum group - Gene frequencies - East Slovakia
Etude portant sur les fréquences génétiques des groupes sanguins -haptoglobine, facteurs Inv et Gc- chez la population de la Slovaquie orientale. Des comparaisons sont établies avec des études similaires menées précédement chez les populations de Prague et de Bratislava. (La traduction unofficielle)

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