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'Eckes LK, Bopp A, 1993: Histiocytosis X - a Time-overlapping Skeletal Disease. Report on a Recent Case of Polyostotic Manifestation. Anthropologie (Brno) 31, 3: 87-91'.
With regard to the literature on the paleopathological findings, a report on an actual clinical case of slowly progredient histiocytosis X in a 16-year-old male individual is given. In 1978 the first site (left femur) was treated surgically, in 1983 a further one in the dorsoparietal region. Since then a combined cytostatic therapy and telecobalt radiation were applied. The process nevertheless remained progressive: until 1987 eosinophilic granulomata were seen in 10 resp. 11 different locations.
Histiocytosis X - Osteopathology - Eosinophylic granuloma
En parallèle avec la bibliographie des découvertes paléopathologiques, cet article se penche sur un cas clinique actuel d'une histiocytose X lentement progressive d'un heune homme de 16 ans. (La traduction unofficielle)

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