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'Mania D, 2015: Messer aus den mittelpaläolithischen Uferstationen von Königsaue (Nordharzvorland) und Neumark-Nord (Geiseltal). Anthropologie (Brno) 53, 1-2: 31-60'.
In the find horizon of Königsaue A (Micoquo-Prondnikian, group of Keilmesser, Second Early Weichselian Interstadial) a piece of birch pitch was founded. It was used as an adhesive to insert a flint blade into a wooden grip. This shafting of small and thin knife blades in grips was evidently a common methode. In the artefactinventary of the find horizon in basin 2 of Neumark-Nord (Micoquo-Prondnikian, First Early Weichselian Interstadial) a lot of small bifacial, unifacial or only partial retouched flint blades was found. These could only be used inserted into a grip.
Middle Palaeolithic – Groups of Keilmesser – Early Weichselian – Birch pitch – Adhensive – Knives with a grip

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