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'Brandl M, Moreau L, Schmitsberger O, Neugebauer-Maresch Ch, 2015: The Southern Moravian Cherts at the Aurignacian site of Stratzing-Galgenberg, Austria. Anthropologie (Brno) 53, 1-2: 181-202'.
The scientific investigation of Palaeolithic stone tool assemblages requires close transdisciplinary collaborations involving raw material studies and typological and techno-economic analyses. It has also become clear that such in-depth analyses have to be conducted by trained specialists followed by recombination of the datasets. Our current paper presents successful cooperative efforts in a case study concerning specific raw material types in the lithic assemblage from Stratzing-Galgenberg, one of the most important Aurignacian open-air sites in Central Europe. The structure of our study follows the imperative analytical steps to achieve conclusive results for such an investigation. First, we demonstrate the application of the analytical classification system used for stereomicroscopic single artefact raw material determination. Secondly, we discuss the problematic nature of purely macroscopic raw material investigation for particular raw material types, in this case Southern Moravian chert varieties. Subsequently, the behavioural assessments focus on the results provided by raw material analyses and allow for preliminary reflections concerning resource management strategies of late Aurignacian hunter-gatherer societies in the Middle Danube region.
Stratzing-Galgenberg – Raw material studies – Southern Moravian chert – Lithic resource management

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