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'Floss H, Hoyer Ch T, Huber N, 2015: In alten Sammlungen neu entdeckt: Bemalte und gravierte Steine aus den Klausenhöhlen bei Essing im Altmühltal (Bayern). Anthropologie (Brno) 53, 1-2: 257-277'.
At the beginning of the 20th century, some engraved and painted objects of Magdalenian mobile art had been discovered at the Klausenhöhlen near Essing in the Altmühl valley (Bavaria, Germany). A recent revision of the find material, stored at the Archäologische Staatssammlung München in Munich, allowed us to identify several items of mobile art, which remained poorly or not yet published. These are the major subjects of this article. They are about limestone slabs and pebbles painted with rows of dots or stripes of red colourant as well as engravings. Particularly mentioned is a core of tabular chert, with an engraved cortex showing female depictions of Gönnersdorf type. The painted stones bear strong resemblances to pieces from Hohle Fels cave near Schelklingen in Baden- Württemberg. One of the merits of this contribution is the application of complementary methods to visualize and emphasise faded traces of pigments, which results in a wider range of interpretations.
Klausenhöhlen – Magdalenian – Painted and engraved stones – Female depictions of Gönnersdorf type

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