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'Suchomel A, 2002: Relation Between Anthropometric Somatotype and Motor Performance in Prepubescent and Pubescent Czech Children. Anthropologie (Brno) 40, 2: 193-201'.
The aim of this study was to find the relations between the components of anthropometric somatotype and motor performance in boys and girls (8-9 and 12-13 years old) with considerably above-average and considerably below-average total score of the test battery UNIFITTEST. The representative sample which participated in the motor performance test consisted of 253 boys and 267 girls aged 8-9.99, 247 boys and 262 girls aged 12-13.99. For analysis of the results of selected samples (17 to 25 children), non-parametric statistical methods were used. We have found out a significant positive relation between ectomorphy and the level of motor performance and on the contrary significant negative relation between endomorphy as well as mesomorphy and the level of motor performance of pubescent boys and girls. Then we recorded a significantly lower variability of the results of somatotype components in the high motor efficient group than in the low motor efficient one. The samples of boys and girls with a high motor performance corresponded to their somatotypes (mesomorphic ectomorphy and ectomorphic mesomorphy with low level of endomorphy dominated) and on the contrary boys and girls with a low motor performance were difficult to characterize.
Anthropometric somatotype - Prepubescent - Pubescent - Motor performance

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