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'Blinková Z, Neruda P, 2015: Spatial Distribution of the Magdalenian Artefacts (Layer 6) in the Kůlna Cave (Czech Republic). Anthropologie (Brno) 53, 1-2: 279-294'.
The Magdalenian layer 6 belongs among the most significant archaeological horizons in the Kůlna Cave. The extent of the layer and the quantity of archaeological finds enable us to analyse the spatial distribution of the artefacts retrieved in the course of the excavations K. Valoch conducted between 1961 and 1976. In view of the then system of documentation, which does not fulfil the current requirements for georeferenced data, we had to formulate a new system of localisation of the information and to utilise geographic information technologies for their processing and visualisation. Although the resulting model is not entirely precise, on the grounds of comparing the distribution of various groups of tools we identified function-specific zones that reflect the structured behaviour of the humans within the cave. At the same time, the so-called Magdalenian layer 6 turned out to be most probably a result of repeated visits, and it cannot be definitely excluded that a sparse rather indistinctive Epigravettian assemblage might be hidden in the inventory. The article also discusses the issue of the relevance of reconstructions based on older documentation of finds, in which the individual items were not surveyed in a three coordinate system.
Kůlna Cave – Magdalenian – Spatial distribution – GIS

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