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'Svoboda JA, Van Der Plicht J, Vlček E, Kuželka V, 2004: New Radiocarbon Datings of Human Fossils from Caves and Rockshelters in Bohemia (Czech Republic). Anthropologie (Brno) 42, 2: 161-166'.
As a part of a long-term project of radiocarbon dating of human fossils of Later Pleistocene/Early Holocene age from the Czech Republic, this paper presents dates of human fossil fragments from the St. Prokop's Cave (5-5.7 ky BP and 1.8 ky BP uncalibrated), a series of additional dates from the Prošek's Dome of the Koněprusy Cave (dated previously to 12.9 ky BP), and a new date from the Abri Pod Pradìdem rockshelter (5.8 ky BP). In general, the newly obtained datings show that several modern human finds, previously listed as Early Upper Paleolithic in the literature, are to be redated as later (Koněprusy, Velika Pećina, Svitávka). On the other hand, these datings help to define more precisely a group of Holocene human burials in caves and rockshelters of this region.
Radiocarbon dating - Human fossils - Caves - Bohemia

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