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'Szczepanek A, Szostek K, Głąb H, 2003: Variability of Individuals Buried in Common Graves of the Bronze age in the Territory of Poland. Anthropologie (Brno) 41, 1-2: 99-104'.
The macro- and microelements concentration in 30 teeth obtained from 30 individuals was analyzed. The investigated individuals had been explored from 3 common graves of the Trzciniec culture (Bocheniec). This paper is an attempt at providing an anthropological interpretation of the phenomenon of Trzciniec collective burials by finding variations at the level of macro- and microelements accumulated in teeth in the aspect of possibly insignificant biological and environmental differentiation of the individuals examined. As a result a very low inter-individual variability was observed in the concentrations of Ca, Sr, Ba and Zn. The Sr/Zn and Zn/Ca ratios showed that the diet of the examined Bocheniec individuals was exceptionally rich in animal protein.
Macro- and Microelements - Paleodiet - Collective burials - Bronze Age - Poland

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