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'Ţarcǎ A, 2002: New Contributions to the Elucidation of Dermatoglyphics' Pathology with Endogamous Populations. Anthropologie (Brno) 40, 1: 79-87'.
The paper studies digito-palmary dermatoglyphics, on a number of 583 subjects (283 men and 300 women) of various ages, from three endogamous rural Moldavian (North-East Romania) communities, i.e. the villages of Prăjeşti (the county of Bacău), Răchiteni and Hălăuceºti (the county of Iassy), from which 1,166 finger and palmar prints have been taken over between 1999 and 2001. It was observed that more than 80% of the persons subjected to investigation in the three endogamous villages evidence in the dermatoglyphic picture between 2 and 7 distortions or anomalies with deep pathological significance, out of the more than the 20 ones put into evidence, which assumes an ample pathological charge at both individual and populational levels. Present with both men and women, and arranged - in most cases - on both hands of their carriers, such anomalies record, in all situations, values equal or even exceeding the ones recorded in communities of individuals affected by various genetic maladies, evidencing even the same distribution tendency, as a function of sex, laterality and fingers. Actually, this explains the existence - among carriers - even in their ascendence, at colateral relatives or descendants - of some disease of the type, in parallels with a possible recurrence and, why not, of a diversification in the clinical image of such populations with future generations, if considering that many of the dermatoglyphically stigmatized subjects are children and young ones - apparently healthy, yet liable to getting ill, sometimes even in their descendants.
Dermatoglyphics - Endogamy - Pathology - Distortions (anomalies or abnormalities) - Moldavia

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