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'Tyagi R, Kapoor S, 2004: Ageing in Structural and Functional Dimensions among Institutionalized and Non-institutionalized Senior Citizens. Anthropologie (Brno) 42, 2: 141-146'.
The present study is aimed to find out and compare the structural and physiological changes with age between institutionalized and non-institutionalized aged males. A total of 188 males ranging in age from 60 to 89 years were studied. A separate group of 30 young adult males (20-25 years) were taken as controls. Eight anthropometric variables (stature, sitting height, weight, triceps skinfold thickness, subscapular skinfold thickness, chest skinfold thickness, upper arm circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference) and four physiological variables (heart rate, blood pressure, forced vital capacity, grip strength) were taken for the present study. Body mass index (BMI) and waist hip ratio (WHR) were computed statistically. Stature, sitting height, forced vital capacity and average grip strength showed a decline in their mean values with age whereas weight, adiposity level as assessed from skinfold thickness, chest skinfold thickness and circumferences measurements, systolic blood pressure, body mass index and waist/hip ratio showed an increase with advancing age. Significant intragroup differences were found in both institutionalized and non-institutionalized aged males for all the variables. Weight, skinfold thickness at suprailiac and chest sites, upper arm circumference, body mass index, systolic blood pressure and average grip strength showed significant differences between the corresponding age groups of institutionalized and non-institutionalized aged males.
Adiposity - Anthropometry - Gerontology - Body fat - Senior citizens

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