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'Ubelaker DH, PAP I, 2008: Human skeletal biology from the Árpádian Age of Northeastern Hungary. Anthropologie (Brno) 46, 1: 25-36'.
In 1993, the authors initiated a project to examine temporal trends in morbidity and mortality established from studies of archaeologically recovered skeletal samples from northeastern Hungary. Data are reported here from the analysis of 248 individuals (97 adults and 151 immature individuals) from the 11th century AD Árpádian site of Tiszalúc-Sarkadpuszta. Comparison of the Árpádian Age data with those previously published in this project dating from the Neolithic, Copper Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age reveal minimal differences in frequencies of periosteal lesions, measures of robusticity, dental hypoplasia, carious lesions and estimated living stature. A temporal decrease was documented in life expectancy at birth. Temporal increases were revealed in bone fractures, alveolar abscesses, ante mortem permanent tooth loss, cribra orbitalia and life expectancy at age fifteen.
Northeastern Hungary - Árpádian Age - Skeletal biology - Morbidity

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