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'Frirdich Ch, Cladders M, Stäuble H, Girardell Di, Tischendorf T, 2015: Aspects of change in the bandkeramik settlement area of Eythra, distr. Leipzig, Saxony. Anthropologie (Brno) 53, 3: 447-456'.
In Eythra, distr. Leipzig (Germany) a large area displaying bandkeramik (BK) settlement features, covering a time span from early LBK to late SBK, has been excavated. This provides a good basis for examining aspects of change in material culture and in settlement structures. Analyses of ceramic decoration give rise to a reexamination of the data base especially with regard to the effects of secondary disturbances in the features. It can be shown that the composition of a large number of mixed LBK-SBK inventories do not reflect a gradual change over time. This fact impedes so far a joint BK ceramic seriation. Hence, in this paper only the SBK content of the assemblages will be considered. An outline of the SBK settlement structure requires the incorporation of as many features as possible in a typo-chronological sequence. At the outset of our researches, as a shortcut, a characteristic had to be found which is chronologically relevant and occurs frequently. To achieve a broad basis for analysing change in SBK decoration, the stroke sizes are examined by correspondence analysis. The resulting order which can be interpreted as representing time shows in combination with the typo-chronological markers of the development of BK houses the spatial distribution of probably coexistent houses. We can see a shift in settlement areas from late LBK to early SBK, but the LBK settlement structure, consisting of house clusters and few single farmsteads remained intact. In the late SBK house clusters are rare and pits lie far away from the houses. So far the studies all together suggest that no fundamental change happened between late LBK and early SBK, but clearly there is one to be found in the late SBK structures.
Eythra – LBK-SBK – Large scale settlement evaluation – House typology – Ceramic seriation – Development of settlement

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