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'Neruda P, 2015: Blank Length Reconstruction on the Base of Circular Segment Method – Core Refitting Case Study. Anthropologie (Brno) 53, 3: 531-545'.
The "life" of a lithic artefact stays recorded in the palimpsest of flake scars on the surface of the retrieved object. Especially on cores we can find distal parts of flake scars that remained after the preceding processes of core reduction. Their more detailed characteristic (determination of the length, the direction of detachment, and identification of the striking point) can contribute to the reconstruction of technological processes. The new method for the calculation of the length of the flake scar is based on a more or less regular spreading of the strike strength that manifests itself in the raw material as concentric lines of force (waves) with the centre at the striking point (in case of using a hard hammer). By determining the radius of a certain wave we can also establish the length of the entire flake. Two methods have been tested in an experiment – a calculation of a selected circular segment, or measuring it using a template. The application of a template turned out to be more precise and less time-consuming, and we confronted the template with the waves on the preserved flake scar. At the same time we identified the cases, when the measuring was not precise due to external factors. The application of the method was tested on a discoid core with the respective flakes created in an experiment, and on two refittings of Aurignacian cores. In all of the cases it is evident that the method of reconstruction of the length of the flake can be widely used in the technological analysis of chipped stone industry.
Flake scars – Hard hammers – Circular segment method – Core volume reconstruction – Refittings of lithics

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