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'Pyżewicz K, 2015: Biographies of Magdalenian lithic tools from Poland. An in-depth look at two cases from the Kielecka Upland. Anthropologie (Brno) 53, 3: 519-529'.
The purpose of the presented study was to investigate the technology and utilization of lithic materials of the Magdalenian settlement from southern Poland. The studied artefacts came from two excavation sites - Ćmielów 95 and Podgrodzie 16, which are located on the northern part of Kielecka Upland. The applied research methodology was a combination of the use-wear analysis of flint artefacts and experimental research. The obtained results revealed that Magdalenian societies living in the areas of Ćmielów and Podgrodzie had their economy based on utilization of local, high quality lithic raw materials. The availability of certain raw materials can indicate which blade production method was used. The experimental and microscopic studies showed a clear distinction between functional classes of tools and improved characterization of the production technologies used by Magdalenian societies. The results of performed studies suggest that individual types of tools (e.g. end scrapers, burins, perforators) were used in a specific manner and most of the tool kits were used in hunting and butchering activities.
Magdalenian – Lithics – Use-wear analysis – Experimental approach

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