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'Řídký J, Květina P, Stäuble H, Pavlů I, 2015: What is Changing and When – Post Linear Pottery Culture Life in Central Europe. Anthropologie (Brno) 53, 3: 333-339'.
The initial contribution to this specialised volume introduced the timeframe and the core issues of the specific topic, i.e., the changes that are reflected in the material culture of the Early and Middle (or Late in the Czech or Slovak chronological system) Neolithic period around the transition from the 6th millennium to the 5th millennium BC. In particular, the following three subjects of interest were studied: 1) theoretical issues associated with the impetus for cultural change during the Linear Pottery culture (LBK) and Post-LBK cultures; 2) the spatial structure of the settlements and the characteristics of the settlement features during this period; and 3) the changes occurring in society, including the distribution of artefacts and supra-regional contacts. The approaches to different topics adopted by individual authors and their interpretations of their results were quite heterogeneous. However, highquality material was still presented and interpretations were formulated that should be addressed further utilising archaeological sources beyond even Central Europe.
Archaeological culture – Culture change – Final LBK – Neolithic – Post-LBK – Site layout – Social complexity

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