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'Riedhammer K, 2015: 450 Post LBK Years in Southern Bavaria. Anthropologie (Brno) 53, 3: 387-398'.
Southern Bavaria in post LBK times is a small area between three big cultural regions: In the west Hinkelstein-Großgartach-Rössen, in the east the Stroked Pottery culture and in the southeast the early Lengyel complex. It took a lot of impact from all regions, finding its own way, what we call today "Südostbayerisches Mittelneolithikum" (SOB). A non-interrupted transition from LBK to SOB still is not evident. By carrying on general LBK traditions, the SOB starts with a sudden reduction of pottery decoration. In SOB I it belongs to the European Stroked Pottery style, close to Bohemian phases II and III, with a few "special Bavarian" decoration aspects. In SOB II the first "Bavarian" pottery style emerges. The settlement area spreads out into other regions: Plzeň Basin, the Basin of Linz (Upper Austria) and towards Southwest Germany. A lot of cultural contact sure is focused on the Bavarian chert and the SOB region transfers influence from the Lengyel region to Southwest Germany. In SOB III things are going to get mixed up. A continuous change in pottery style and architecture can be sketched out for the whole SOB. But the most changes in cultural life – one of them is the introduction of the famous circular ditch enclosures – happen in phase SOB IIb with the first contact to the Lengyel complex. At the end the continuous transition towards the first Bavarian Copper Age culture Münchshöfen begins in the immediate contact area SOB-Lengyel (Moravian Painted Ware) in Upper Austria.
Southeastern Bavarian Middle Neolithic Period – Stroked Pottery Culture – Moravian Painted Ware – Cultural development and contact

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