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'Vondrovský V, Beneš J, Rauerová M, Kovačiková L, Šída P, Divišová M, 2015: The Neolithic sites Hrdlovka and Hrobčice in the context of Stroked Pottery Culture in Northwest Bohemia, Czech Republic. Anthropologie (Brno) 53, 3: 457-471'.
The changes in Central Europe at the end of the Linear Pottery Culture (LBK) are one of the most discussed issues in recent Neolithic archaeology. The initial uniformity, which was reflected in some aspects of material culture, seems to have fallen apart into smaller regional cultures. This paper aims to present recently analysed Stroked Pottery Culture (SBK) material from the Hrdlovka and Hrobčice sites (Teplice district), in the Czech Republic. Ceramics, lithics and animal bones have been analysed at the chronological levels of Early and Late SBK. For comparison, other Northwest Bohemian contemporary sites with a sufficient amount of finds and state of processing have been chosen: Hrbovice and Vchynice, and partly also Mšeno. Within this framework, uniformity in ceramic decoration is reported in Early SBK, while greater variability is observed in Late SBK. The evidence for inter-regional contact is also documented. The ceramic assemblage from the Hrobčice site shows a relationship to some Polish regions, represented by Samborzec-Opatów or, more likely, Malice group vessel.
Neolithic – Stroked Pottery Culture – Hrdlovka – Hrobčice – Northwest Bohemia – Ceramics – Animal bones – Lithics

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