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'Vacca E, Novotný V, Vančata V, Pesce DV, 2007: Shape Analysis of Incisura Ischiadica major: Definition of Reference Outlines in Sexing the Human Pelvis. Anthropologie (Brno) 45, 1: 91-96'.
Series of reference outlines expressing variations of morphological features, mainly related to sexual dimorphism, are commonly used in anthropological practice. Usually, these are defined on the basis of observer experience and the degree of expression of the examined character is explained by a score. The level of objectivity in scoring morphological features can obviously vary depending on the observer's skilled eye and can be bound with difficulty to standardization criteria. Considering these exigencies, we explored the possibility of setting series of reference outlines of the incisura ischiadica major, associating each form in the series to a suitable probability value expressing its sexual dimorphism. This value is obtained by comparing the analytic numerical descriptors obtained by the outlines in the series to those obtained by studying the shape differences, by Fourier analysis, in a sample of incisurae taken from pelvises of known sex. Reference outlines validated in this way through analytic morphometry improve the quality of observation, reducing the level of subjectivity of traditional visual scoring.
Greater Sciatic Notch Sexing - Analytic Scoring - Reference Outlines - Fourier Analysis

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