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'Van Peer P, 2004: Did Middle Stone Age Moderns of Sub-Saharan African Descent Trigger an Upper Paleolithic Revolution in the Lower Nile valley?. Anthropologie (Brno) 42, 3: 215-225'.
In this paper, the Middle Paleolithic and the transition to the Upper Paleolithic in the Lower Nile Valley are described. It is argued that the Middle Paleolithic or, more appropriately, Middle Stone Age of this region starts with the arrival of new populations from sub-Saharan Africa, as evidenced by the nature of the Early to Middle Stone Age transition in stratified sites. Throughout the late Middle Pleistocene technological change occurs leading to the establishment of the Nubian Complex by the onset of the Upper Pleistocene. After a period of significant population expansion during the Last Interglacial, the arid conditions of Stage 4 have forced technological adaptation and contraction of population groups into the Nile Valley. In this context, the initial Upper Paleolithic emerges. The paper ends with an interpretation of the causes of the transition and of the impact of this event in adjacent regions.
Lower Nile Valley - Middle Stone Age - Upper Paleolithic transition - Sangoan - Nubian complex - Taramsan

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