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'Tvrdý Z,, 2016: Anthropology of the Neolithic population from Nitra-Horné Krškany (Slovakia). Anthropologie (Brno) 54, 3: 231-284'.
Neolithic people of the Linear Pottery or Linearbandkeramik (LBK) culture buried their dead in the cemetery on the area of today's city of Nitra (Slovakia) at the end of the 6th millennium BC. This article aims to present a detailed description of skeletons along with a basic anthropological analysis. The material comprised of 77 individuals, including 28 juveniles, 19 males, 27 females and 3 indeterminable adults. Females were dying more often at the age under 35 years, males at an older age. The average stature in males reached 165.0 cm, in females 155.2 cm. Population from Nitra was dolichocranic, moderately robust with platymeric femurs. Distinct muscle topography, enthesopathies and other alterations on bones associated with long-term workload were noted in skeletal material. The health status of the population was affected by numerous dental caries, inflammations occurred, including one case of tuberculosis. Cribra orbitalia, porotic hyperostosis and Harris lines demonstrate stressful periods during the life of some individuals from Nitra. Violence among the first farmers is ilustrated by cranial trauma in five individuals.
Slovakia – Neolithic – Anthropology – Demography – Palaeopathology

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