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'Datta Banik SD, Das S, Bose K, Gritlahre M,, 2016: Estimation of stature from hand and foot dimensions among university girl-students in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India. Anthropologie (Brno) 54, 3: 291-297'.
Theoretical development of the inter-relationship between stature and other body dimensions is important in forensic investigation and cases of hospitalized patients with physical disabilities. Principal aim of the study was to estimate stature from bilateral measurements of hands and feet (length and breadth). Participants were 135 girl students, aged 18–22 years in a University in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India. Ordinary least squares (OLS) and multiplication factor (MF) analyses were used to estimate stature. The differences in stature (actual stature minus estimated stature) were compared between two methods. Mean stature was 155.51 cm. Mean values of estimated stature and difference from the actual stature was recorded from: left hand length (OLS: 155.17 cm, difference 0.34 cm; MF: 155.65cm, difference -0.14 cm), left hand breadth (OLS: 156.16 cm, difference -0.66 cm; MF: 155.77 cm, difference -0.26 cm), right hand breadth (OLS: 155.69 cm, difference -0.18 cm; MF: 155.80 cm, difference -0.29 cm), left foot length (OLS: 153.98 cm, difference 1.53 cm; MF: 155.67cm, difference -0.16 cm), and left foot breadth (OLS: 155.38 cm, difference 0.13 cm; MF: 156.38 cm, difference -0.87 cm). The estimated stature from MF consistently overestimated the actual stature except left foot breadth whereas the regression analysis marginally underestimated it except hand breadth. The OLS more precisely estimated stature than MF.
Hand - Foot - Asymmetry - Stature estimation - Regression - Multiplication factor

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