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'Boroňová I, Bernasovský I, Bernasovská J, Behulová R, Petrejčíková E, Bôžiková A, Gabriková D, Mačeková S, Soták M, Sovičová A, Sikorová L, 2010: Reciprocal chromosome translocations in 437 couples with reproductive disorders. Anthropologie (Brno) 48, 2: 195-197'.
Chromosomal abnormalities are the major contributors to genetic causes of reproductive disorders. The aim of this study was to determine the occurence of reciprocal chromosome translocations in couples with reproductive disorder from the Prešov region (Slovakia) in 1998-2010. We analyzed the karyotypes of 437 couples with clinical diagnosis of reproductive disorder including infertility, recurrent fetal loss, congenital anomalies in the offsprings and sterility. The karyotypes were determined using cytogenetic banding techniques (GTG-banded metaphases). Routine cytogenetic analyses involved a total of 48 aberrant karyotypes corresponding to an abnormality frequency of 5.5%. Reciprocal chromosome translocations were found in six couples (1.4%), four female (0.9%) and two male (0.5%) partners. The identification of chromosomal abnormalities as the etiology facilitated the counseling and appropriate management.
Chromosome aberrations - Reciprocal translocations - Reproductive disorders

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