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'Varga P, Bernert Z, Gyenis G, Fóthi E, 2003: Multivariate Statistics on Roman and Migration Period Populations of the Carpathian Basin. Anthropologie (Brno) 41, 1-2: 135-144'.
At the end of the 19 th century Lipp, Vilmos uncovered more than 6,000 graves that might have belonged to Keszthely Culture, the graves of the cemeteries of Fortress Keszthely-Fenékpuszta and Keszthely-Dobogó among them. Lipp's crew followed the routine practice of their days: the only parts of skeletons taken into storage were well-preserved skulls, all the other bones were reburied without examination. We analysed 102 skulls from these excavations. The findings of the two burial sites were evaluated as a combined entity, as the archaeological documentation did not indicate clearly their accurate origin. We inherited only a very limited amount of well-preserved anthropological material of Keszthely Culture, therefore the results of our present analysis could provide a significant contribution to the general anthropological understanding of the populations bearing this culture.
Keszthely Culture - Avar age - Roman period - Physical anthropology

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