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'Vargová L, Horáčková L, Němečková A, 2002: Slavonic Burial Site at Olomouc-Nemilany (Czech Republic). Anthropological and Paleopathological Analysis. Anthropologie (Brno) 40, 2: 145-155'.
In our research attention is paid to the standard anthropological and paleopathological analyses of the bone remains of 54 individuals (39 adult and 15 immature skeletons) dating to the 9th-10th centuries AD. These skeletons were found at the Slavonic burial site at Olomouc - Nemilany (Czech Republic). From the total number of all the pathological cases (N=39) 46% were degenerative changes of joints, metabolic and endocrine diseases made up 23%, congenital bone anomalies represented 10%, traumatic lesions made about 8% and inflammatory processes only 5%. The most important finding was the evidence of tumour metastases on one of the skeletons. This investigation includes also study of Slavonic funeral rites. Large majority of all individuals were placed to the grave pits in dorsal position. Skeletons with right lateral position, and particularly those with ventral position, significantly deviate from the above basic pattern. Also exceptional are graves with marks of secondary postmortal interference. There may be different reasons for such deviations, and one of the main reasons usually given in the case of Slavonic burial sites is vampirism.
Bone remains - Slavonic population - Paleopathology

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