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'Verner M, 2010: Several considerations concerning the Old Kingdom Royal Palace. Anthropologie (Brno) 48, 2: 91-96'.
Although written evidence of the royal palace aH, and even the names and owners of this palace are available in the Old Kingdom documents, no such palace has yet been archaeologically identified. Some recently discovered inscriptions from Abusir - from the causeway of Sahure's pyramid complex and from the jar dockets revealed in Raneferef 's pyramid complex - refer to a hitherto unknown palace of Sahure's called "Extolled is Sahure's Beauty". The wider context of these inscriptions permits the assumption that this palace might have lain in the vicinity of Sahure's valley temple and the Lake of Abusir which at that time extended between Abusir, North Saqqara and Memphis.
Royal palace - Sahure - Abusir

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