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'Bojan Masanovic, Jovan Gardasevic, Fitim Arifi, : Relationship between Foot Length Measurements and Body Height: A Prospective Regional Study among Adolescents in Northern Region of Kosovo. Anthropologie (Brno) , : -'.
The purpose of this research is to examine standing height in both Kosovan genders in the Northern Region as well as its association with foot length, as an alternative to estimating standing height. A total of 177 individuals (87 male and 90 female) participated in this research. The anthropometric measurements were taken according to the protocol of ISAK. The relationships between body height and foot length were determined using simple correlation coefficients at a ninety-five percent confidence interval. A comparison of means of standing height and foot length between genders was performed using a t-test. After that a linear regression analysis was carried out to examine the extent to which foot length can reliably predict standing height. Results displayed that Northern Kosovan male are 180.29±5.72cm tall and have a foot length of 26.08±1.26cm, while Northern Kosovan female are 165.36±4.56cm tall and have a foot length of 23.37±1.15cm. The results have shown that both genders made Northern-Kosovans a tall group, a little bit taller than male and a little bit shorter than female general Kosovan population. Moreover, the foot length reliably predicts standing height in both genders; but, not reliably enough as arm span. This study also confirms the necessity for developing separate height models for each region in Kosovo as the results from Northern-Kosovans don’t correspond to the general values.
Prediction, Measurement, Stature, Foot Length, Kosovan

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