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'Vojvodiæ S, Ademoviæ-Sazdaniæ D, 2009: HLA class II antigens and haplotypes in the Vojvodina Population: relationship to other populations. Anthropologie (Brno) 47, 1-2: 73-79'.
The aim of the study was to assess the distribution of HLA DR and DQ antigens, haplotypes and their gametic associations, in the population of Vojvodina. HLA II class profile of the population of Vojvodina has been compared with those of other European populations in order to provide additional information regarding the history of their origin. The study included 142 unrelated healthy persons from all regions of Vojvodina. The antigens with the highest frequencies were DQ1 (68.2%), DQ3 (52%), DQ2 (38%) and DR11(5) (34.5%). The HLA haplotypic associations with the highest frequencies included HLADR11(5)DQ7(3) (6.69%), DR3DQ2 (5.28%) and DR2DQ1 (4.75%). The antigen DR11(5) showed the strongest association with DQ7(3) (Δ=0.0389, fr.=6.69%). Our results proved the closest relationship between the Croats, Greeks, Italians, Romanians and Slovenians, while the Scottish and Finnish, as examples of geographically distant populations, showed greater genetic distances from the population of Vojvodina. Present distribution of HLA class II antigens in the Vojvodina population may be the result of historical influence of neighbouring populations in the course of history.
Antigens - HLA - Genetical distances - Frequencies

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