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'Datta Banik S, Azcorra H, Dickinson F, 2020: A comparative study of estimated age at menarche using different methods among girls from Merida, Mexico. Anthropologie (Brno) 58, 1: 17-24'.
In cross-sectional studies among adolescents, estimation of age at menarche (AAM) is based on recall and status quo (SQ) data. Objectives: 1) To estimate median AAM using SQ data and to examine the differences with estimated values of AAM based on recall data. 2) To apply retrospective AAM data correction procedures used in earlier studies (AAMC1 and AAMC2) and to observe the differences with self-reported information (uncorrected or AAMUC) with respect to the estimation of early menarche (EM<12 years), intermediate menarche (IM, 12.0-13.9 years), and late menarche (LM ≥14 years). 3) To calculate SQ data-based maturation age (MA) and to observe the differences of MA among EM, IM, and LM girls. The method was cross-sectional and 9 to 17-year-old 536 girls (422 post-menarche) from Merida, Mexico participated in the study during 2008-2010. Probit analysis estimated median AAM (SQ data). The AAM correction was done using following methods. AAMC1= number of days between birth and July 1 of the recalled year divided by 365.25. AAMC2= half a year was systematically added to the recalled AAM. Results showed that mean value of age was 13.33 years and SQ data-based estimated median AAM was 11.34 years. Mean values of AAM (AAMUC= 11.57 years, AAMC1= 11.53 years, AAMC2= 12.21 years) were different (paired); however, had high correlation (p<0.05). The AAMC1 overestimated EM; AAMC2 underestimated EM, and overestimated LM (%). Mean value of MA of the girls was 15.28 ± 2.15 years. The mean values of MA in EM, IM and LM groups were: 14.67 years, 15.89 years and 17.46 years respectively
Menarche – Recall - Age correction - Status quo

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