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'Sajid A, Shafique M, Shahzad M, Ali Shahid A, 2021: Fingerprint patterns and ridge density variations in Pakistani population: a comparative study. Anthropologie (Brno) 59, 1: 15-22'.
This comparative study was subjected to determine fingerprint pattern distribution and gender variation on the basis of fingerprint ridge density in Pakistani population. Seventeen hundred and sixty fingerprints were taken from 176 subjects (15–65 years old), including 61 males and 115 females. Although, loops (62.22%) were found most common above whorls (32.78%) and arches (5%), but the digitus quartus of both hands had greater percentage of whorls as compared to loops and arches. Comparative analysis of gender difference was conducted by computing ridge density and pattern frequency. However, significant deviations were found in fingerprint pattern (types and sub-types) at 0.05 significance level. Mean fingerprint ridge count was 12 and 14 per 25mm2 in males and females respectively. Results revealed that 10–14 fingerprint ridge count was more likely to be males and 12–16 ridges were in females. Moreover, significant differences were observed in ridge count (RC) and percentage of patterns when compared with other populations.
Forensic science – Fingerprint patterns – Fingerprint classification – Frequencies – Ridge density – Loops – Whorls – Arches

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