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'Pjanić K, Nikšić E, Nesimović S, 2021: Effects of sports and mathematics extracurricular and club activities on academic achievement of middle school pupils. Anthropologie (Brno) 59, 1: 35-43'.
Numerous studies have exemined connections between extracurricular activities and academic achievement. These studies indicate several ways in which extracurricular activities can contribute to academic achievement: by providing balance, promoting self-confidence, increasing a sense of contribution and duty, and cultivating feelings of belonging. The aim of this research is to determine the effects of sports and math extracurricular and club activities on academic achievement of middle school pupils in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Population involves middle school pupils in two urban areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina and research sample consists of 1036 female and 1055 male pupils. Results of this study point to the potential benefits of engagement of middle school pupils in extracurricular or club sports and mathematics activities. Middle school pupils' general school success is better if they participate in extracurricular/club activities. This is particularly evident among male pupils who are involved in extracurricular sports activities and among pupils in higher grades of primary school attending extracurricular mahemaics activities. Also, pupils who are involved in extracurricular sports activities, esspecially male pupils, have better mathematics achievement comparing to ones that are not invovled ina any of extracurricular activities. On the other hand, involvment in extracurricular mathematics activities leads to even-handed school achievement.
Extracurriicullar activities – School success – Sport – Mathematics

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