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'Moník M, Nerudová Z, Schnabl P, 2020: The search for fireplaces in Moravian (Czech Republic) Late Glacial sites. Anthropologie (Brno) 58, 2-3: 263-284'.
The existence of fire/hearths at Upper Palaeolithic sites is highly expected due to the cold glacial climate. However, fireplaces/hearths are missing at several Late Upper Palaeolithic Moravian (Czech Republic) sites. Here we discuss the possibilities of how to identify the presence of fire at archaeological sites using indirect methods. Our analysis focused on both potentially heated/burned artefacts and spatial distribution of fireplaces from within four Moravian (Czech Republic) sites. Colour and magnetic measurements may be indicative of heated cherts/flint recognition but macroscopic visual observation remains key for such estimations. Concerning the distribution of hearths within the four analysed sites, only Brno-Štýřice III site seems to have witnessed little post-depositional disturbance of its anthropogenic sediments and, at the same time, shows a good correlation of presumed fireplaces with the distribution of heated artefacts.
Late Upper Palaeolithic - Hearths - GIS analyses - Colour measurement - Magnetism (IRM)

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