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'Vargová L, Trampota F, Jarošová I, Horáčková L, Němečková A, Vymazalová K, 2021: The possible manifestation of scurvy on skeletal remains dated to 3800–3700 BC. Anthropologie (Brno) 59, 2: 193-203'.
The presented report describes the skeletal remains of a young man with multiple pathological changes, dated to between 3800–3700 BC. The studied skeletal remains were subjected to classical anthropological analysis. The palaeopathological study was based on detailed macroscopic examination supplemented by histological and radiological examinations. In addition to the disorder of flat cranial bones, dental developmental defects, traces after periodontal and sinus maxillaris inflammation, partially fractured left rib and fracture of the first lumbar vertebra were found on this skeleton. Based on the mentioned examinations, this finding was evaluated as one of the possibly oldest cases of scurvy in Europe.
Endocranial lesions – Eneolithic – Palaeopathology – Scurvy – Traumas

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