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'Čechák P, Korený R, Krušinová L, 2021: Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic in the Příbram region. Anthropologie (Brno) 59, 3: 251-296'.
Pre-Neolithic sites in the Příbram region are usually not at the centre of archaeological research. However, the number of sites and findings, namely from the Late Palaeolithic and mainly Mesolithic periods, is increasing. At this moment, we know almost 400 lithic artefacts from 29 locations on 19 sites. Most of them can be possibly classified as Mesolithic. These sites are located in the southern part of the region, mainly along Skalice River, in the area of Březnice town. Here, we can observe a connection with Southern Bohemian Mesolithic (especially with the Písek district). Another cluster is situated at the opposite site of the region – in the vicinity of the Hrazany site. These sites follow the Vltava River, and at the first sight, they seem to proceed into Central Bohemia. However, there have not been Mesolithic sites on the other site of the cadastre borderline yet. Such situation, as well as some “empty” regions inside the Příbram district could be explained by actual archaeological research conditions. In any case, the region was not unsettled during the Mesolithic (or Pre-Neolithic, in general) and has strong bonds with other areas, some of them in a large distance. Thanks to raw materials we can see it. Except of local and Southern Bohemian materials, cherts of the Flintsbach type and the SGS were used for artefacts making

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