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'Lička M, Šreinová B, 2021: QUERNS FROM THE STROKED POTTERY CULTURE AT THE MŠENO SITE (CENTRAL BOHEMIA). Anthropologie (Brno) 59, 3: 333-353'.
From the site of the Stroked Pottery culture settlement at Mšeno, querns (grinding stones), amongst other items, have been found. These are two-part grinding stones consisting of an upper and a lower stone. In terms of their form, according to morphological attributes, there are three basic types (plate-shaped, plano-convex and irregular in shape) and one pseudotype in a saddle shape. Several of them appeared to have symbolic significance. These grinding stones came from various feature types. At the same time, there was no causal link found between the function of the feature from which the quern came and the quern itself. Grinding tools were made of several types of rocks, but mainly of palaeorhyolite, outcrops of which are located at a distance of about 40 km. Various methods and forms of transport of the raw materials are discussed (transport along the River Elbe and then by land, whether the items were obtained by barter or theft, or by some cooperative mission to the sources), the possibility of the back side of the plano-convex querns being used for specific purposes is also discussed.
Neolithic – Stroked Pottery culture – Double querns – Typology – Mšeno site – Central Bohemia

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