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'Macekova S, Bernasovsky I, Bernasovska J, Boronova I, Gabrikova D, Bôzikova A, Petrejcikova E, Sovicova A, Carnogurska J, Sudimakova I, 2010: Anthropometric measurements of obesity in Roma: Gypsy population in northeastern Slovakia. Anthropologie (Brno) 48, 3: 271-276'.
The prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically and reached worldwide epidemic proportions over the last two decades. Obesity burdens the health care system, reduces the quality of life, and has serious psychosocial and health consequences. The Roma / Gypsies live in closed communities characterised by high levels of unemployment, extremely low level of education and low socio-economic status with poor living conditions. Poverty and unhealthy lifestyles can have unfavourable effects on their health status. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence and distribution of overweight and obesity, using anthropometric measurements in the adult Roma population. This crosssectional study was conducted among 250 adult Roma (112 men and 138 women) aged 20-60 years. Anthropometric measurements included weight, height, waist circumference (WC), hip circumference (HC), body mass index (BMI), waist to hip ratio (WHR), and waist to height ratio (WHtR). The mean value of BMI falls into the overweight range in men as well as in women (26.0±5.5 kg/m² and 26.1±6.8 kg/m², respectively). Based on the WHO classification of obesity assessed by BMI, 51.8% of men and 40.6% of women were of normal weight, 26.8% of men and 21.7% of women were overweight, and 20.6% of men and 28.3% of women were obese. Our research findings revealed more than two-times higher prevalence of abdominal obesity in Roma women than in men. The results of our study indicate the need to implement activities focused on decreasing the prevalence of obesity with the aim of improving Roma health status.
Roma/Gypsies - Obesity - Body mass index - Anthropometric measurements - Abdominal obesity

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