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'Bánesz L, 1989: Problems of the Upper Palaeolithic in the North-Western Part of the Carpathian Basin. Anthropologie (Brno) 27, 2-3: 245-249'.
Recently the new investigations in the north-western part of the Carpathian Basin have stimulated further evaluations of the stone industries of the Lower, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic. The multilayered Palaeolithic station in Korolevo on the southern bank of the river Tisza between the Transcarpathian Ukraine and Transylvania has proved not only the oldest settlement, but also the Upper Palaeolithic finds stratified among the uppermost Middle Palaeolithic layer. The finds in Eastern Slovakia, Northern Roumania and the Transcarpathian Ukraine may be considered to be the result of the local development of the Palaeolithic in the upper part of the river Tisza, where, as opposed to the Hornád group of the earliest Upper Palaeolithic industries (the Aurignacian), it is possible to find the so-called Upper Tisza Aurignacian probably based on the development of the local late Middle Palaeolithic.
Carpathian Basin - Eastern Slovakia - Middle/Upper Palaeolithic - Aurignacian

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