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'Bárta J, 1987: Problems of Dwelling Structures in the Palaeolithic of Western Slovakia. Anthropologie (Brno) 25, 2: 105-110'.
The present paper summarizes the knowledge so far on the dwelling function of caves in the Palaeolithic of western Slovakia as well as the overemphasis placed on them as compared with open-air sites. The occupation of caves in the Palaeolithic in Slovakia is in most cases of episodic character due usually to the difficult accessibility of the caves. Caves were occupied by man especially in relation to seasonal hunting of cave bears. Some more accessible caves (Bojnice, Radošina, Plavecký Mikuláš) contained other inside constructions for protection against the climate. In western Slovakia, shelters were found even in open-air settlements coming from the Lower Gravettian period from the PK I interstadial (Nemšová, Svodín). Unfortunately, being mere rescue excavations, they were not explored in a sufficient way. Clear is the existence of shelters from the Upper Gravettian period on the basis of the Würm 3 horizon (Moravany nod Váhom, Žakovská and Lopata).
Palaeolithic dwelling structures — Slovakia — Bojnice — Radošina — Plavecký Mikuláš — Nemšová — Svodín — Moravany nad Váhom — Žákovská — Lopata

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