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'Bhattacharyya SK, Dutta PC, 1982: Micro-Evolution and Variation: A Study Among the Migrants in the Andamans. Anthropologie (Brno) 20, 2: 177-181'.
Human situations with some kind of control so necessary for studies on micro-evolution do, more or less, exist in the Andaman Islands. An attempt is made here to assess changes, if any, that might have affected the character of the migrant tribal populations due to micro-evolution in the islands. The migrants are: the Oraon, Munda, and Kharia, whose original homeland was the Chotanagpur plateau of Bihar, India. Among the migrants, there is no evidence to show that they have changed in their ABO locus as well as in the pattern intensity index compared to their mainland counterparts. Neither does the ABO system indicate significant local genetic variation among themselves; but it is not quite so with the pattern intensity index. With respect to stature, a trend of increase in mean values of the migrants could be identified. All the three anthropometric characters suggest some degree of significant variation between any two populations.

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