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'Blažek V, Titlbachová S, Doležal A, 1987: Somatic differences among the categories of women determined through cluster analysis of the pelvic dimensions. Anthropologie (Brno) 25, 1: 81-85'.
Clinical anthropology (in obstetrics) concentrates on the study of external somatic characters of the mother and her newborn child, on prenatal development and on influencing this development. In line with this orientation of clinical anthropology have arisen a more or less independent sub-discipline, the so-called anthropology of maternity (see Doležal, Gutwirth, 1977). Within its framework we made an attempt to apply the somatic characteristics of the woman in the auxiliary diagnostics of pregnancy and delivery. We paid special attention to the pelvic region. From several possible approaches we have chosen a method based on the typologization (categorization) of women according to their somatic characters. According to the external pelvic dimensions we determined three categories of women through cluster analysis. Of great importance for the above categorization are the direct and transverse diameter of the pelvic passage, length of the sacrum and conjugata externa (respectively the distance between the anterior and posterior spine). Women in the individual categories differ not only in the configuration of pelvis (namely in pelvic height determined by the length of os sacrum and with the relative proportions of the diameters of the pelvic passage), but they differ also in body height, mass, length, width and girth dimensions of the trunk and limbs. Among the categories there were important differences in the weight of newborn children and differences in various parameters were recorded also in the course of gravidity and delivery
Pelvis - Anthropometry - Cluster analysis - Pregnancy and delivery

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