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'Bujna J, 1981: Die bedeutung der Anthropologie für die soziale Interpretation der Gräberfelder. Anthropologie (Brno) 19, 2: 121-123'.
The role of anthropology in the social interpretation of cemeteries. The study demonstrates the possibility and need for closer and more complex co-operation between spe-cialists of two scientific branches when analysing the discovered burials. After basic archaeological and anthropological study it is desirable to return to controversial findings and to reasse retrospectivelly severed specially taken observations as well. For instance, on the basis of the distribution of graves on the burial-ground, or by their chronology and similarity of burial equipment it is possible to trace certain groupings of graves that can indicate kinship or social relations of the burial. S imilarly.the graves showing sharp differences in the char¬acter of burial goods from the point of view of their origin can signalize ethnic, differences. A detailed anthropological study can trace potential links between relatives within the burial groups formed in this way and ascribe t'nem to a certain anthropological type. This is, however, much more complicated with more nume¬rous samples of different period, social groups and different regional provenance.

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