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'Dočkalová M, 2008: Anthropology of the Neolithic population from Vedrovice (Czech Republic). Anthropologie (Brno) 46, 2-3: 239-315'.
The Neolithic people from Vedrovice lived on the territory of present-day Moravia for more than 200 years between 6299 BP - 6069 BP. The population of 110 Neolithic inhabitants comprised 77 adults and 33 juvenile individuals. The skeletal material studied underwent anthropological and morphological analyses, which detected 26 males, 48 females, 33 children and 3 indeterminable individuals. The stature in males reached 165.7 cm, in females 154.7 cm; the representation of females was generally higher than that of males, most of the adults died at the age of 20-29. The aim of the research was to reconstruct the life of an Early Neolithic population that changed over from the hunter-gatherer to agricultural economics. The analysis of skeletal remains proved permanent and distinctive structures on bones in 57 individuals, as a reflection of long-time everyday activity related to the agricultural way of life and food processing (bone lips on finger phalanges) or the use of teeth as a work tool. The extent of detected alterations and damages was varied, the changes occurred gradually at the level of individuals. The transformation of social structure gave a reason to social differentiation. The adaptation to new living conditions in the first farmers was associated with building of cultic areas, displays of spiritual culture, and burial rituals typical of the New Stone Age population. Regarding the number of settlers and the period of existence, the phenomenon of the Neolithic population from Vedrovice will always pertain to unique and rare examples of cemeteries in the Neolithic prehistory of Central Europe.
Czech Republic - Moravia - Neolithic burials - Burial rite - Anthropology - Morphological aspect - Palaeopathology - Demography

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