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'Das MK, Mukherjee DP, 1981: Triceps Skinfold Thickness in South Asia with Special Reference to a Bengali Sample. Anthropologie (Brno) 19, 3: 249-258'.
The paper presents a general review of human variation in triceps skinfold thickness, compiles South Asian data and compares a fresh series of measurements from a homogenous cluster of 62 Bengalee families from Sodepur town near Calcutta. The influence of heredity and environment, age, sex, ethnic and socioeconomic differences as also the need for specific standards for each population are brought out by the accumulated data, despite limitations of age estimation and lack of uniform techniques in some materials. The highest values in South Asia are obtained for some populations of Southern India and lowest for hill people and isolated tribal populations except the Negrito Onge population of Andamans. The average values of Bengalis in all ages arc lower than that of Punjabis of northern India and Pakistan, A meaningful pattern of ontogenic change emerges when age-groups of five years, and more for older ages, are compared. It indicates low values for boys and girls in early infancy and prepubertal girls under conditions of nutritional stress as in the Sodepur sample. The housewives included in the Sodepur sample have thicker upper arm fat than that of Bengali college women of Calcutta. The medians and quartile values are recorded for different periods of life, which show apparent trends of change, for future comparison.

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