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'Das NK, Kundu RK, 1984: Finger Dermatoglyphics of the Pentia of Koraput, Orissa. Anthropologie (Brno) 22, 1: 25-30'.
Digital patterns of 208 Pentia males and 206 females have been analysed. Loops are more abundant than whorls in Pentia and they occur more or less in equal proportion in both the sexes. The difference between the sexes for the occurance of patterns on the finger balls are not statistically significant (x2 = 0.52 d. f. 2). Though Dankmeijer's index is slightly higher in the left hand of both the sexes, there is no marked variation for the three indices computed here. Ridge-couting was done for each finger. On all fingers, Pentia males have higher ridge-counts than females. The difference between the sexes for the TFRC is statistically significant (x2 = 2.16) but not in ATFRC. The Pentias are more or less similar to the other tribes of Orissa who are of Proloaustraloid ethnic stock in the frequency distributions of pattern types on the finger balls.
Pentia - Orissa - Finger dermatoglyphics - Indian Australoids

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