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'Dočkalová M, Vacková B, Eliášová I, Dvořák D, 2003: Anthropological Characteristics of the Medieval Moravian Luxemburgs. Anthropologie (Brno) 41, 3: 281-289'.
In 1999, archaeological research of the tomb of Margrave Jost of Luxemburg was carried out at St. Thomas church in Brno, Czech Republic. In the same year, also remains of Margrave Prokop of Luxemburg were extracted from the tomb in the Brno Carthusian monastery. Skeletal remains of both members of the royal family, brothers Jost and Prokop, were subjected to anthropological-medical research (Dočkalová 1999). The study of skeletons of the Luxemburg brothers proved identical genetic features and pathological changes typical of the royal dynasty (Dočkalová et al. 2001). The present article focuses on the anthropological characteristics of brothers Jost and Prokop of Luxemburg in comparison with the result of anthropological study (Vlček 1999) of their uncle, the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV (1346-1378).
Moravia - Middle Ages - Royal family members - Luxemburg brothers - Morphological description - Anthropological analysis

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