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'Duchajová L, Sedlak P, Dvořáková M, 2007: The Biological Age Determination of Children with Growth and Development Disorders - A Validation of the Bone Age Methods. Anthropologie (Brno) 45, 1: 97-102'.
The authors used the TW2 and TW3 methods of bone age assessment to statistically evaluate a representative group of 94 roentgenograms of the hand and distal part of the forearm of children with growth and development disorders. These methods were compared and validated for diagnostic use in the determination of skeletal maturation in a recent population of children. Data obtained from a group of 36 patients were used to compare the established Czech Kapalin method of bone age determination (Kapalin, Picko 1964) with the TW2 and TW3 foreign standard methods (Tanner et al. 1975, 2001). Initial assessment of methods was made across all groups of roentgenograms. Further analysis and validation was performed within the divisions of gender, age and diagnostic groups. A significant development trend was observed in all roentgenograms and verified by statistical methods. The study showed a significant difference in skeletal age determination between the TW3 (RUS) and TW2 (RUS) methods, with the TW3 (RUS) method having an average estimated value of one year less than the TW2 (RUS) method. Based on the author's evaluation, the TW3 method (RUS compartment) is considered a more accurate method of determining skeletal maturation in clinical practice. Significant differences in all 36 roentgenogram groups (based on the 1% alpha-power) were made with TW3 (RUS) and Kapalin methods. Following the division of the roentgenograms into diagnostic groups, the differences between the TW3 and Kapalin methods were not statistically significant.
Bone Age - Skeletal Maturation - Growth Disorders - TW3 Method - TW2 Method - Kapalin

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