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'Duda B, Jerzemowski J, Orkwiszewska A, Rogowska E, 2003: Main Tributaries of the Coronary Sinus in the Selected Primates Heart. Anthropologie (Brno) 41, 1-2: 31-34'.
The coronary sinus collects blood from the heart walls. Only few authors have described of the coronary sinus in the primates' heart. Its main tributaries are: great cardiac vein, the posterior vein of the left ventricle, the oblique vein of the left atrium, the middle cardiac vein and the small cardiac vein. Material consisted of 50 adult representatives of various primates hearts (Prosimiae - 2, Platyrrhinae - 16, Catarrhinae - 32), fixed in a formalin/ethanol solution. Classical macroscopic anatomical methods were used. During examination of the main tributaries of the coronary sinus the topography of their outlet portions were evaluated. In the examined material, the great and middle cardiac veins as well as the posterior vein of the left ventricle were always obserwed. The remaining tributaries of the coronary sinus were less stable. The outlet portions of the main veins of the heart were characterized by significant variability.
Primates heart - Coronary sinus

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