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'Fridrich J, 1987: A Lower Palaeolithic Settlement Site at Přezletice and the Finding of a Dwelling Structure. Anthropologie (Brno) 25, 2: 97-99'.
The locality is situated about 20 km NE of Prague at the foot of a phthanite monadnock. The finds come from a rather complicated strata group: lacustrian marls are situated at the base, the upper parts are affected by gleic soil. The strata group mentioned is covered with a layer of chert debris with resedimented soil of the braunlehm type. The locality has been investigated by a multidisciplinary research: Quaternary geology — F. Králík, V. Šibrava, E. Růžičková; paleopedology — L. Smolíková; paleomagnetic dating — V. Bucha, J. Horáček; paleobotany — V. Vodičková; ostracods — A. Absolon; molluscs — J. Kovanda; fishes — N. Oberhelová; frogs — J. Němec; turtles — O. Fejfar; birds — D. Jánossy, P. Švec; mammals — O. Fejfar; bats — J. Horáček. The locality occupied the broad inundation of the early Pleistocene river Elbe at a freshwater lake which, with certain intervals, existed in the first half of the Cromerian interglacial period. An oval foundation bank built of stone and earth (4 x 3 m) of a dwelling structure was discovered in the A 3 horizon. Archaeological finds were accumulated mainly around a small fireplace situated in front of the entrance to the dwelling.
Lower Palaeolithic - Přezletice - Stone industry - Dwelling structures - Fireplaces

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