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'Esche E, Mummert A, Robinson J, Armelagos GJ, 2010: Cancer in Egypt and Nubia. Anthropologie (Brno) 48, 2: 133-139'.
The work of Eugen Strouhal has contributed greatly to the understanding of neoplasms in the archaeological record. His detailed work inspired re-evaluation of a set of remains from a 1960s excavation in Egypt and Nubia. Evidence of metastatic carcinoma is used to highlight the process of differential diagnosis and the changing epidemiology of cancer in the past. Cancer is currently the second highest cause of death in modern America, but relatively rare in prehistory. There are few examples of metastatic carcinoma in the archaeological record. We report a case of metastatic carcinoma in a Meroitic (350 CE - 50 CE) male to highlight both the work of Strouhal and the nature of cancer in Nubia. The frequency of neoplasms is important for the interpretation of the prevalence of the disease and its nature with the increase of chronic disease in the second epidemiological transition.
Cancer - Metastatic carcinoma - Nubia - Epidemiological transition

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