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'Estebaranz F, Martínez LM, Hiraldo O, Espurz V, Bonnin A, Farrés M, Pérez-Pérez A, 2004: Tooth Crown Size and Dentine Exposure in Australopithecus and Early Homo: Testing Hypothesis of Dietary Related Selective Pressures. Anthropologie (Brno) 42, 1: 59-63'.
Preliminary analyses of total crown area and dentine exposure surfaces in a sample of hominid teeth seem to indicate that a significant correlation between tooth size and occlusal abrasion occurs, most probably related to dental occlusal function rather than to normal food mastication. Dental microwear on the buccal surfaces of teeth might be determined by foodstuffs abrasiveness whereas occlusal gross wear could be more dependent on either cultural practices with teeth or food processing. The effect of occlusal function of teeth on diet determination and ecological interpretation of hominid behaviour is dealt with, considering that habitat occupation and diet might affect differently and distinctly to tooth wear rate patterns.
Teeth - Size - Dentine exposure - Diet

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